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We are the first response ‘listening post’ for the ICT industry.

We are here to help if you are struggling with any type of mental health issue. Poor mental health kills three times more people than die on the roads.

I Want to Help
We have first-hand experience of poor mental health. We aim to provide information to direct people to the right path, having listened to them first. When you have poor mental health making the right decisions for yourself is not easy. We provide this service free and we want to make it as personal as possible for our industry. We also offer companies mental awareness workshops or presentations, also free of charge.
— Peter Orr, Founder
Mental Health Associates

Our aim

Mental health first aid, awareness and early detection is the Mental Health Associates main aim.

Our mission is to act as a 'first response' resource for people in the ICT industry who may be suffering from any sort of mental health problem in these challenging times.

Talking is the best medicine, and we believe that by providing a 'listening post', our Associates may help prevent anyone from taking drastic action when they feel helpless and alone.

We need financial help to fund these aims and we need more Associates who are willing to get professionally trained and join our support team.

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Mental Health Associates
My message is simple: don’t suffer in silence – you are not alone.
Chris Goodman, Co-Founder, Focus Group
Chris Goodman
Do not feel ashamed, seek help quickly. Mental Health Associates are here to help, and your approach will be welcomed warmly and confidentially.
James Emm, Chairman, Oak Technologies
James Emm

Become an Associate

We are actively seeking industry people who will be willing to become an Associate and help by simply listening to anyone who is struggling in their professional or personal life.

You will be trained become Mental Health First-Aid accredited.

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Mental Health Associates

Our Plans


To address the stigma in talking about poor mental health within our industry


To help people access the right help when needed at the right time


To offer advice, support and raise awareness about mental health and emotional wellbeing in the ICT industry


To reflect the ethos and pressures in the telecoms industry


To recruit a network of associates who will offer local peer support


To promote genuine understanding of mental health issues and triggers

Michael Walker appointed trustee

Founder of the Mental Health Associates (MHA) Peter Orr said, "Appointing Michael to our group of trustees was an 'easy decision'. His experience…

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