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We are actively seeking industry people who will be willing to become an Associate and help by simply listening to anyone who is struggling in their professional or personal life.

All current Mental Health Associates associates have been trained in mental health first aid and volunteer Associates from the ICT industry will be provided with training on mental health awareness (MHFA certified).

Roles of an associate

  • An informal, objective and non-judgemental listening point;
  • A signpost to the next steps for help if needed;
  • Information for self-support;
  • Awareness of mental health workshops available to companies;
  • A fundraising platform to help Mental Health Associates reach more people.

Become an Associate

Want to know more about us?

We know that to help a great cause, you need to know more about the people behind it. You can read more about us, and more about our trustees.

Know someone who can help us?

If you know of anyone who can help us, please pass on our details or share us on social media. Every new associate brings us one step closer to beating poor mental health.

Help us fight back against poor mental health.